The Jewel Parlor Jewelry Care

Preserving your Jewel Parlor jewelry

  • Please avoid contact with moisture for all jewelry, unless otherwise stated.
  • Be sure to spray perfumes or apply lotionsΒ beforeΒ putting on jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry before exercise and going to bed.
  • We recommend keeping your jewelry (including gold-plated and gold-filled pieces) as dry as possible as this will help prolong theΒ longevity ofΒ your pieces, and retain their color and shine.

How to clean your Jewel Parlor jewelry

  • Gently useΒ a clean cloth or jewelry cloth to wipe off any residue. The use of a dry, clean toothbrush is also useful in removing dirt from jewelry with intricate details.
  • If your sterling silver jewelry or ear posts has become dull, a silver-polishing cloth can be usedΒ to recover itsΒ shine again; one is included with each order. Contact us at if you would like to purchase more from us.Β 

How to store yourΒ JewelΒ  Parlor jewelry

  • Jewelry should be stored away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. It can also be stored in the provided jewelry pouch or a plastic zip top bag made of polyethylene.
  • Please note that this can prolong the shine and condition of most jewelry, but tarnishing will still occur over time, especially on alloy-based, plated jewelry.

Important note

Gold-plated and silver-plated jewelry will eventually tarnish over time. The speed at which the metal plating fades will depend on multiple factors, including (and not limited to) the chemical level of your skincare products, level of perspiration, and your natural skin pH. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you pay special attention to the care of your plated jewelry.

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